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Pleasant surprises from Amazon. Review of new devices from the Kindle series
A few days ago, we told you about the Kindle Tablet, which Amazon was planning to present at a special event on September 28. And so it happened! Moreover, Amazon…

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Houston monument sign
15 little-known facts about Microsoft
When it comes to large technology companies, most people immediately recall Microsoft. Everyone knows that this computer company was founded by Bill Gates - one of the richest people in…

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Poor technology: 7 gadgets and devices for developing countries
Many countries in Asia and Africa cannot even provide their people with basic necessities, including food. What can we say about the latest technologies, without which modern civilization is impossible!…

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DVD Secrets

According to experts, the DVD will be out of use after 3-4 years. But before you write off the current standard, you should understand the intricacies of its development, technical features and capabilities, drives, as well as submit the heir to the hero of this article.

DVD Features

The DVD format was officially announced in September 1995. The first drive that supports DVD-R recording was released by Pioneer in October 1997, its cost was $ 17 thousand. Crazy money! At the same time, 3.95 GB DVDs cost $ 50 each. Continue reading

Libraries in Windows 7

Have you often noticed in the Start menu of your Windows links to My Documents, My Pictures, My Music, etc.? ? And how many of you use these folders for their intended purpose and store in them what is meant? And how many users store all this data in other folders, perhaps on another hard disk?

I think that many of those and other users. One uses the standard “My Documents” folders and the rest because it is just convenient. Others do not use these folders, because they store data in other places, because it is more convenient for them. Continue reading

Protect your PC from hacker attacks

The Internet has penetrated almost all spheres of our life. Study, work, communication, dating, recreation is carried out through the world wide web. Every day we process tons of information gleaned from the Internet.

However, in parallel with the development of the Internet, network fraud is also developing. Currently, there are a huge number of fraudulent schemes aimed at the implementation of illegal actions in the network. Continue reading

The flash drive is not recognized by the computer.

A flash drive is one of the most convenient and compact removable media that almost all PC users use. Flash media is very compact, easy to use and modern. The most common problem that may arise when working with this type of removable media, namely, not the detection of a PC flash drive.

Why there is a similar problem and how to deal with it, read on. Continue reading

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5 clear evidence of future death of system units
Apparently, the era of large system units of personal computers and peripheral devices connected to them is being pumped. And this happens not only because of the rapid development of…


Selection of speakers for the computer
A modern computer cannot do without speakers: we listen to music, play games, watch movies, and it is rather difficult to do with headphones alone. Therefore, you should know how…


What is a computer?
In a word, a computer is an electronic computer. The main task of the computer is to help us, the people. These machines accelerate the implementation of the tasks -…


Disable the Windows 7 Firewall
Windows Firewall is a program that ensures the security of a computer connected to a network. It controls incoming and outgoing connections, making work on the Internet and local network…