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15 little-known facts about Microsoft

When it comes to large technology companies, most people immediately recall Microsoft. Everyone knows that this computer company was founded by Bill Gates – one of the richest people in the world. But this knowledge of Microsoft, as a rule, ends. Meanwhile, the company has a very interesting story.

1. Bill Gates Silhouette
In Microsoft Outlook 2010, you could put your avatar or photo on each contact in the mail. Those contacts that were not assigned an avatar had an empty silhouette. Few people know that this is the silhouette of Bill Gates. To be more precise, the silhouette is sketched from a photo taken in the area when a young Bill was caught driving without a license.

2. Office of Charles Simony
The inventor of Microsoft Office is Charles Simoni, who, after leaving Microsoft, founded Intentional Software Corporation. Simony paid almost $ 30 million to visit the International Space Station (and he did it twice).

3. “windows2000.com”
The guy named Bob was the first to purchase the domain name “windows2000.com”. Oddly enough, Microsoft owned the domain “bob.com”, so they simply exchanged ownership rights.

4. Android Microsoft
For each device sold with Android installed, Microsoft receives about $ 8 in royalties (license rights). In 2013, the company earned almost $ 3.5 billion on this.

5. msn.com
Microsoft intentionally made it so that the page of the msn.com Internet portal is incorrectly displayed in the Opera browser. The reason for this is quite simple – to push people to use the Internet Explorer browser.

6. Microsoft Flight Simulator Simulator
The simulator game Microsoft Flight Simulator is the oldest product of the company. In fact, it appeared 3 years earlier than Windows.

7. Microsoft and Apple
In 1997, Microsoft actually paid Apple $ 150 million. The fact that it was still rumored. Some argue that Microsoft has saved its rival from bankruptcy, others say that it is payments for a lawsuit.

8. The famous solitaire “Klondike”
Native Advertising Relap
One of the reasons why Microsoft included the famous Solitaire Solitaire in Windows was to familiarize users with the interface drag-and-drop process. This was a completely unfamiliar process for most people at the time.

9. Microsoft employees
In 2001, some Microsoft employees continued to work in their offices during the earthquake, despite the alarm siren. This lasted until the warning on the need to leave the building came up on the screens of their computers.

10. Halo Video Game
The originally popular Halo video game was a third-person shooter for Mac. Later, Microsoft acquired the company Bungie and released the game on the Xbox.

11. Bill Gates and others billionaires
Everyone knows that Bill Gates is one of the richest people in the world. A less well-known fact is that 3 billionaires and more than 12,000 millionaires also owe their wealth to Microsoft.

12. Microsoft Encarta
The electronic multimedia encyclopedia Microsoft Encarta originally existed under the code name Gandalf (Gandalf). The encyclopedia existed from 1993 to 2009, and its closure was largely due to the emergence of Wikipedia.

13. Interview at Microsoft
At an interview at Microsoft, they love to ask tricky questions. For example, “Why are manhole covers round?” Or “How much does a Boeing 747 weigh?”.

14. Calibri 11
Different companies have noted the transition from print media to the digital age in different ways. For example, Microsoft changed its official font from Times New Roman to Calibri 11.

15. Windows95 – second in popularity rating
In 1995, Windows95 became the second most popular (number of installations) program. The undisputed leader was the game DOOM.

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