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What to look for when building a computer

Assembling a computer includes two slightly different concepts. The first is planning and assembly on paper or on the Internet for all the “spare parts”, and the second is when you already connect all these components with your hands.
And so and so can be called a PC build.

This article will describe the first method. He is one of the most important and paramount. You first think what to buy, price, and then buy.

Here you will not see recommendations on the purchase and choice of home, office or gaming computer. Here, the information is only about what to look for specifically when assembling absolutely any type of component of the system unit.
What to look for when building a computer
Before starting to build, you should know a few highlights.

A computer is not one thing. This is at least a monitor, a system unit and a keyboard with a mouse.
Therefore, “to assemble a computer” means to assemble not only the system unit, but everything else as well.

But still, the first is most often collected, so in this article I will mean that you want to assemble the system unit, meaning it as a PC. Because the other components of a personal computer and collect together is not necessary. They need to choose, and how to do this is written in the articles above.

The most basic snag in collecting a system unit is that not all components (namely, these “parts”) are called to each other. Therefore, it may well be that you have chosen the most beautiful and expensive thing, and as a result they may not gather into one full-fledged system – the system unit.

Before you start looking for components, you should identify the purpose of using a computer. I think many people know that PCs are secretly divided into Budget, Office, Home, Multimedia and Gaming (well, or who calls them, but something like this).
Some computer stores even categories such output and put computers there. To make it easier for you to choose. But this applies only to assemblies.

So, after choosing your goals and preferences (you can read an old but popular article How to choose a computer? Office, home, gaming), then you can go and build.

I advise you to read the article What is a motherboard? How the system unit is arranged in which I simply opened up these two questions and now I will not focus on this, because I think that you will read it.

How to start assembling the system unit?

Assemble the system unit – the motherboard
No matter what anyone says, but I think that the main component in the system unit is the Motherboard. And the name is appropriate.
It depends on its size how you choose the case (please do not write in the comments that you can take a small one and shove it into a large case. This is clear to everyone), and its characteristics determine what other important components will be installed.
A motherboard is like a foundation that is chosen, and it depends on it what kind of house it will be and what will fit in it.

At mat. The main features of the boards are Form Factor and Socket.
The first is responsible for the size of the board itself and the “buns” to be installed. If it is easier to express, then the larger the size, the more elements fit and it will not be so that you can not put, for example, a video card, because it is hampered by the cooler (fan) on the processor. But this does not mean that you need to take the largest, and the middle one may well come up (everything depends on the needs). Now there are formats E-ATX, Micro-ATX, Mini-ITX and Standard-ATX. It seems everything is clear.
The second is responsible for the processor to be installed. Everything is simple – from Intel ʻa begin with LGA, and from AMD, respectively, AM. Do you want a processor on Intel – choose the “motherboard” with LGA, with AMD similarly.

There are also additional features that you will need if you want to choose a board in more detail.
These include Chipset and Memory Type.
The first is also responsible for the processor, only at a more professional level. I will not go into details, I will answer only that the more the better and that they are different for AMD and Intel.
The second determines what kind of RAM you put.

She also has a lot of other characteristics – memory slots, external outputs, installed BIOS, maximum memory frequency, etc.
I will not paint them. For most assemblies, only two main ones are needed.

Conclusion on the motherboard:
Many make the mistake of paying little attention to this detail. And in vain … They still want the computer to work for 5 years, and then, if anything, to improve it, replacing the old with a new (upgrade) and spending less money. But only when such a moment comes, many people have to reassemble the computer again and that’s because the motherboard just doesn’t support either a new socket or a new type of memory. And you have to either put the most powerful of the old options, or from scratch again to collect.

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