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What is spam?

The term “spam” nowadays revolves in the language of almost anyone who uses the Internet. Moreover, in addition to this, it is still quite often seen in a personal e-mail box.

“Spam” can be decrypted as a botherful electronic mailing to useless letters and information. Richard Depyu came up with a program, on the error of which on March 31, 1993. 200 identical letters were sent to one mail. People who received such a number of completely unnecessary letters soon enough came up with the appropriate name for these annoying messages – “spam”. At present, the term “spam” (exactly like its various derivatives – “spam”, “spammer”, etc.), as a rule, extends mainly to e-mail and is included in widespread use.

Before giving the full definition of the word “spam”, it is necessary to mention how it is understood in other countries. Spam can have various kinds of data in itself, as an example – commercial, well, or non-commercial. It entirely depends on the desires and aspirations of the sender. Based on this, the content of the letter is divided into “commercial” (UCE) and “non-commercial” (UBE) distribution.

In some cases, the e-mail in the “Subject” field may contain data about the message itself and its content, and the message itself must indicate that the addressee will contact you without your expressed approval, as well as information about what should be done the recipient of the letter in order to not receive such messages next time. These signs tell us that the addressee is aware that the information he offers is nothing more than imposition, and that he, with a clear conscience, is trying to minimize the adverse effects that he has. But it happens, it happens that the spammer, on the contrary, tries to bring inconvenience to people, and to all this, he also falsifies the sender’s address, not having the desire to be responsible for his actions. All this is being done in order to make it as difficult as possible to learn from whom the letters came and take any measures against him.

Spam Definition:
If you believe “Kaspersky Lab”, then spam – this is an anonymous, annoying sending out all kinds of garbage in incredible quantities. In this definition every word is of great importance.

Distribution can be divided into 3 different types:
Anonymous: everyone suffers; therefore, the return address is usually hidden or falsified.

Mass: a lot of unnecessary informational garbage that plays an important role in tamping up the pockets of spammers and is a global problem for ordinary users.

Unsolicited: unsubscribed mailings.
And now, based on all of the above, we can divide all the intrusive offers that have fallen into your inbox by:
1. spam, no one needs information;
2. valuable commercial offers.

The first need to sort out and often immediately sent to the trash – according to company policy. The latter are also possible to sort out, but they must be treated much more carefully.

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