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Computer sphere. Basic concepts

Today, computers in human life occupy a very important role. Computers can be found in almost any sphere of human activity. Accordingly, many people would like to become more professional and have a better understanding of the computer environment.

And in this article we will talk about the basic concepts in the computer field, as well as analyze the structure of the computer.
This is a very important point!
Those who deal with computers need to be guided in this area and on what information basis you have, i.e. The initial basic level of knowledge will depend on your success in the computer field.

“To escape poverty, put a corner in the bedroom …”
Pugacheva: “Galkin threw me as soon as the papillomas were removed and the 17-meter was removed …” I suggest you to study a diagram showing the main blocks of the computer:
The basis of each computer is a system unit, and in the following diagram we analyze the components of which the system unit consists
Fat belly is not from food! It will burn in 3 days, drink strong Soviet fasting ..
Ophthalmologists gasped! 100% vision will return in 6 days, if cheap Soviet drip before bedtime … The power supply unit ≈ is designed to generate and transmit the voltage required for a computer, the main characteristic of which is power, modern power supply units usually have a power of 400, 500, 600W, 1000W and higher.

Motherboard – from the English motherboard – the main board of the system unit, on which are mounted: a processor, RAM, a video card, a sound card. The main characteristic of the motherboard is the frequency of the system bus, one of the indicators on which depends on how powerful and powerful the computer will be. The motherboard can be called a platform for the entire computer system.

The processor is the main computing device in the computer. The processor can be called the “brain” of the entire computer, the main characteristic of the processor is the frequency (Modern processors have a frequency of 2-3 Gig Hertz, on average, differing by the speed of data processing.

The cooler is a fan inside the system unit, designed to cool certain components (usually to cool the processor, power supply, motherboard, video card), and also install coolers or fans to cool the system unit. A cooler or fan along with a radiator is called a cooling system.

RAM ≈ RAM (random access memory, RAM), as it is also called. Designed for storing and processing information. RAM is the next important parameter that determines the speed of the computer. The main parameter of RAM is the volume, measured in megabytes. On modern computers, usually the amount of RAM installed is 1 – 2 Gigabytes, of course, it is possible and more, the limitations on the volume are determined by the motherboard.

The case is designed for installation of components, in which there are special fasteners for the installation of all computer components. Share three types of kopus Mini, Midi, Big (small, medium, large)

A video card is a device that converts an image stored in a computer’s memory into a video signal for a monitor. There are integrated video cards that are built into the motherboard, as well as individual video cards that are inserted into a special PCI-E slot on the motherboard, with which you can play powerful multimedia games and work in video-resource-intensive applications.

A sound card is a device with which you can process sound on a computer. Modern computers are equipped with built-in sound cards in which there are three jacks (headphone or speaker output, microphone input, audio line in)

A hard disk is a device that stores information in a computer, this device is non-volatile, that is, when you turn off the power, all information is saved. Modern hard drives typically have a capacity of 300 gigabytes, 500 gigabytes and more. Hard drive is sometimes also called hard drive or hard drive.

DVD drive – a device designed to write and read information from DVD and CD drives (CDs)

Disk drive 3.5 ≈ a device for reading information from 3.5 “floppy disks (now these drives have practically no use)

Modem – device designed to connect to the Internet

A TV Tuner is a device designed to output a video signal from an antenna to a computer monitor. In this way, you can record various programs and watch TV on your computer.

Network card – (also known as a network card, network adapter, Ethernet adapter, NIC) is a peripheral device that allows a computer to communicate with other devices on the network.

An uninterruptible power supply is a device by which the computer computer is protected from overloads, and if the mains voltage suddenly stops working, the battery will allow approximately another 15 minutes.

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