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Keyboard. How to choose it?

It’s hard to imagine your life without a computer, and it’s hard to imagine a computer without a keyboard.
In order to work on it brings pleasure, it must be chosen correctly. What should pay attention to?

Keyboard mechanism.

When buying a keyboard, few people pay attention to its mechanics. And in vain! It depends on how long the keyboard will last and how convenient it will be to use.

The principle of operation of membrane keyboards is that when you press a key, two diaphragms are closed (hence the name). The key is returned to the place by means of a rubber dome. Its main advantages are the price and protection of membrane contacts from crumbs and moisture (thereby the rubber dome). And there is one drawback, but a significant one – the fragility of the keyboard. The contacts deposited on the membrane are easily erased.

If you are confused by the fragility of the membrane keyboard, then buy a semi-mechanical. It uses metal contacts (non-erasable) on the printed circuit board. The keys are returned, as in the membrane keyboard, using the same rubber dome. But such a keyboard is more expensive.

The mechanical keyboard differs from the semi-mechanical one in that instead of a rubber dome after pressing a key, it is replaced by a spring. This makes the keyboard more reliable, but the spring does not protect the contacts from crumbs. So, if you get a mechanical keyboard, then combining work on it and snacking is undesirable.

Reed keyboards are becoming more and more popular. Their difference is that the contacts are in a vacuum cylinder (all together called reed switches) and react to a magnetic field. Such keyboards are considered the most reliable, as the reed switches are not erased. In addition, it is easier to work on such keyboards, since they have a soft fit. However, this keyboard has a funny drawback. As already mentioned, the reed switches react to a magnetic field, so the presence of devices that produce magnetic fields in the vicinity of the keyboard can lead to a failure in its operation.
You can conduct an interesting experiment – put a mobile phone near the reed keyboard, connect it to the charger and see how the keyboard behaves. There may be slight malfunctions, and maybe “rabies” of the keyboard.

Keyboard keys.
The keys on all keyboards are, of course, in a certain order, but there are keyboards in which the keys are divided into two parts, and the profile of the alphabetical part is made arc. These keyboards are called “ergonomic”, they are suitable for those who type with both hands (each field for each hand) and when typing looks at the monitor (for those who look at the keyboard, their eyes get tired of running from field to field).

In addition, some keyboard manufacturers place additional keys on it. The most common additions are three keys: the on / off key, the “sleep mode” key (which saves energy), and the key that returns the computer to work after sleep mode. If you consider such keys to be very convenient, then when choosing a keyboard, pay attention to the fact that they must be different from other keys (round or with a more difficult key). This is necessary so that you do not accidentally turn off the computer by mixing up the keys.

Other additional keys that are less common, but still there are the navigation keys on the Internet. With their help, you can one-click check email, go to a specific site, disconnect from the network.

There are so-called “office” keyboard. They are equipped with additional keys that allow you to quickly open the necessary applications such as Internet Explorer, Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, Power Point.

There are keyboards and “multimedia keys”. From the title it is clear that they are designed to work with multimedia players – to change the volume, start or stop playback, remove the disc.

Interesting keyboards.
In the hardware stores you can now find interesting keyboards, with unusual functions – a flexible keyboard that can be twisted into a straw; wireless keyboard; keypad with anti-wet protection; Designer keyboard (under the tree, under the skin).
However, such keyboards are rather good as an unusual gift, and not as a tool for work.
Naturally, keyboards with additional keys are more expensive.

When choosing a keyboard, do not hesitate to take her hands, press the keys. And you need not just to press one key and that’s all, but try to “print” the sentence. It should be easy for you to work on it.
If a week has passed after buying a keyboard and you cannot get used to it, buy another one, this keyboard is not yours.

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