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Wireless mouse. How to choose it?

Wired mice are found in every home or almost every. Already today, you can see wireless mice with users, both when used for a regular PC and for laptops.

Wireless mice are not only more mobile, but in some cases more convenient. For example, if you are on the road – it means that working with your laptop is easier if a wireless “rodent” is connected to it. If you need to make a presentation, it will be rather difficult or at least inconvenient to do without a wireless mouse.

Choosing a mouse without a wire, you need to decide on the type of power, size and range of communication.

Communication range

There are two ways to connect – this is radio frequency and infrared. If the first is already dying, the second, on the contrary, is only gaining momentum. Using the infrared connection method, you can work with your mouse not so far from your computer. There may also be some interference that will be unpleasant when working with documents, the Internet or graphics.

There are two types of radio frequency communications – 27 MHz and 2.4 GHz. The differences between them are in price and in the range of signal reception. The first type is more acceptable if you do not want to give a large amount of your blood money for a mouse. However, having regretted a couple of tens of dollars, you can in return receive a slight drag and inaction of the mouse at a short distance from the computer.

Buying a mouse with a 2.4 GHz radio frequency, you will get a device with good reception. Such mice can work not only in all corners of your room where the computer will be, but sometimes even through a wall.

When using a mouse with a 2.4 GHz radio frequency, sometimes small noise may occur. This will occur due to the fact that most other electrical devices operate at a similar frequency.

There is another type of connection between a wireless mouse and a computer – this is Bluetooth. Using this device to connect your “rodent” and computer is most appropriate for laptop users. Sometimes this device is built in, and if you have to buy, then its size will not be too large.

The size of the mouse.

When choosing a wireless mouse, the size should not play a significant role. If you use the mouse at home, it may well fit a mouse of medium size or large, the main thing – not very massive.

To use the mouse on the street, in the office, on any trip it is best to buy a small option for yourself. It is more convenient and takes up little space in the bag.


A wireless mouse can work on ordinary batteries and on batteries. For use at home is best and, of course, more economical – a mouse with batteries and a glass for recharging. To ensure greater mobility will have to buy batteries. The best option when using a wireless mouse on ordinary batteries will be this: lightweight design, small in size and not significantly consuming energy. So you can work on one pair of batteries for several days, or even a week.

Wireless mice gradually began to replace wired ones, but, in my opinion, it’s best to have two options. For example, a worker is wired, and for rest and travel, wireless. This is due to the fact that you want to work without being distracted by braking, which only a wired “rodent” can provide so far.

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