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What if the touchpad does not work?

To work with a laptop, it is not at all necessary to connect a mouse to it: a touchpad is used to control the cursor in modern laptops, so as not to carry additional devices with them. But it happens that the touchpad fails, and you lose the ability to work normally with a notbook. What if the touchpad does not work?

The touchpad is a touch panel that responds to touch and finger movement by moving the cursor along a predetermined path. At first it may not seem very convenient, but most users quickly get used to using the touchpad and prefer it to the mouse.

But this is where the danger lies: you get used to the touchpad and stop carrying the mouse with you. And one day a moment may come when you open the laptop and find that the touchpad is not working. What to do in this case?

Some users, saying “the touchpad does not work” imply that it works, but not as it should: the cursor reacts badly to commands, moving too slowly, too quickly or jerking, because of this it becomes difficult to work. The most common cause is the pollution of the touchpad. It is quite easy to clean it – it is necessary to wipe its surface well with a soaped swab, and then with a damp alcohol wipe. You can work with the touchpad after it dries. Sometimes the touchpad does not work normally because you have wet or greasy hands.

It happens that the problem lies in the touchpad settings – the sensitivity is set too high or too low. To change the sensitivity settings, you need to go to the “Mouse” item in the Control Panel. Sometimes, not the entire touchpad works, but individual functions, for example, scrolling. This is a software issue and is solved by installing or updating the touchpad driver. For some touchpads have to install special software to configure them.

If the touchpad does not work at all, then the reason may be software or hardware. First, let’s eliminate the simplest and most likely options. If the touchpad does not work, it is likely that it is simply turned off. There are several ways to enable the touchpad:
use the key combination: in most laptops, the touchpad is turned on and off by pressing the Fn function key in combination with one of the F1-F12 keys;
press the touchpad off button (not on all laptops);
enable the touchpad using the system utility: it is usually displayed in the tray next to the clock;
turn off the mouse: in some laptops, the touchpad is automatically disabled when a USB mouse is connected;
enable touchpad support in BIOS: to do this, go to the BIOS and select the appropriate value for the Internal Pointing Device parameter.
If this did not help, and the touchpad still does not work in the laptop, then the reason may be hardware. Like other devices, the touchpad is connected to the motherboard with a loop. Sometimes during transportation, the fastener cable opens and the cable drops out of the connector on the motherboard. It is clear that the touchpad stops working. In this case, you can disassemble the laptop yourself to connect the touchpad, or contact the service center.

Also the touchpad may not work due to mechanical damage. In this case, most likely, it will just have to be completely changed. If after the impact the touchpad works, but the buttons have failed, it may be possible to get by with a little blood by disassembling the touchpad and returning the failed buttons to their place.

If not only the touchpad does not work, but also the keyboard and USB ports, the problem is, of course, not in the touchpad. Most likely, the laptop is faulty motherboard. There is only one way – to the service center for diagnostics.

As you can see, if the touchpad does not work for you, the reasons may be different. It is necessary to eliminate in turn all possible reasons, starting with the simplest, and only then, if nothing helped, to go with a laptop to the service center.

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