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Protect your PC from hacker attacks

The Internet has penetrated almost all spheres of our life. Study, work, communication, dating, recreation is carried out through the world wide web. Every day we process tons of information gleaned from the Internet.

However, in parallel with the development of the Internet, network fraud is also developing. Currently, there are a huge number of fraudulent schemes aimed at the implementation of illegal actions in the network. The most common type of fraud is hacker attacks, which with the help of malware can damage your personal computer, important information or financial means that you use via the Internet.

It is necessary to fight hacker attacks in a timely and competent manner. But first, consider the main types of hacker attacks.

1. Computer worms

Computer worms are, like other types of attacks, malware that gets from the global Internet to your PC. As a rule, worms do not spread independently; most often they get into your PC in parallel with other viruses. Worms can get from various sites to a computer, and then from a computer switch to various removable media (flash drives, disks, etc.).

2. Trojans

Trojans are special malicious programs that damage a computer and provide access to third parties (hackers). Such Trojans can steal passwords, valuable information, and carry out third-party entries without your participation.

3. Electronic viruses

Electronic viruses – malware that can cause serious damage to the available information on your computer, up to and including damage to the PC itself. Viruses can delete individual information, block the work of individual programs, disable the equipment (computer).
Of course, each of you will say that the main tool to combat such attacks is high-quality anti-virus programs installed on your computer. And this is undoubtedly true. But even the best antiviral program can fail. Therefore, it is very important to adhere to the basic rules for preventing the appearance of hacker attacks.

• be attentive to a different kind of spam from unauthorized persons. Most malware is distributed through e-mail, in the form of unwanted emails (spam). Do not save spam or download attached unknown files.
• Download any information only from those sites that care about protection against viruses. Do not download questionable software (bonus collectors and other programs), since it is often this kind of software that can be a distributor of viruses that can give access to your personal data on a computer.
• Stay tuned for constant updates of your operating system. Therefore, in a timely install updates and proven software.
• Use a firewall to help prevent unauthorized persons from transferring data from your computer. Many hackers are perfectly capable of accessing your computer through a worldwide network for performing questionable actions. Therefore, use a firewall.
• refuse to visit suspicious sites and sites with potentially dangerous content. Better yet, just put a lock on the appearance of such sites in order to protect yourself from the possibility of viruses and worms.

Be vigilant and attentive to your PC and the information it contains, otherwise it can be used by an outsider and to the detriment of you.

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